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아힘 프라이어

Achim Freyer is the only living and active disciple of Bertolt Brecht, a German poet and playwright of the 20th century and the fonder of the theory of narrative. He has been acclaimed as one of the best performing opera directors in the New York Times.

He is a professor at the National University of Arts in Berlin, has received the highest honors in Germany for his work and is awarded the medal in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

He participated in opera and the theater production more than 150 pieces, and was introduced to Korea in 2011 as Mr.Rabbit & Dragon King.

In 2013, he directed Wagner's "Ring of Nibelung" in LA opera with artistic director Placido Domingo. Recently, "Ring of Nibelung" in Mannheim Theater in Germany, "Expression of soul and body" in Berlin State Opera, "Parsifal" in Hamburg National Opera in September 2017, "Hansel and Gretel" in Berlin Opera National Theater in December and is actively engaged in activities.

독일의 화가, 오페라 및 연극 연출가

​아힘 프라이어는 표현주의 및 포스트 모더니즘의 선구자로, 베르톨트 브레히트의

현존하는 유일한 수제자로 알려져 있다. 정적이고 상징적인 장치와 철학적 고찰이 담긴

그만의 연출로, 오페라의 피카소라 불리고 있다.

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